Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flash of a lense.

I currently enjoy photography.
It is a very freeing feeling getting lost on angles, and lights, flashes and perception.
Nature is my passion. When I began I never knew what my interest was, I just photographed. Which as a beginner you think is ok to do.
But now that I have looked over my work and found my real passion nature and outdoors is what I take pride in.
I will post some of my work sometimes. I would love for anyone to provide critisism of any kind. If you hate it let me know.
If you love it by all means tell me.
I would love to pursure a career in the field but when I look around there are too many photographers who have more passion, more drive, more ambition, more skills than what I've aquired so as for now it is my hobbie. Not my life.

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