Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a day in the life of

My life consists of jornals, and handwritings. Love notes, and music notes. Poems and lyrics, and other such things.
These are the things that bring me my joy, I live for them to surround me in their encrypting grip. Never let me go, so I may forever continue to freely express what all humans possess in feelings into words.
I want to be the next edgar allen poe. I love to read others writing. And learn from their stlye who them are and whom them have become.
I would like to have the largest online blog on the globe. Like a movie, where the whole world get entranced by your writing, and you life. They cannot go one day without reading your post. You cannot skip a day for fear you will disapoint the millions who wait to hear from you.
Just a blog af day to day life. That everyone lives, whishes to live, hopes they will never live.
I am like the rest of humanity. I am real.

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