Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Never Give in to Average.

I have not been keeping up to date with this thing, shocker considering I do nothing at work all day and am constantly on the internet.
I always start off with well lifes going well, or lifes good or something along those lines, so how about I start up different today, just go out on a whim be totally random..
My boyfriend comes home today.
You know i never use to like calling them that. boyfriends boyfriends. I would just say there name and expect everyone to know who they are. But I guess more recently I've become comfortable using the term boyfriend in a relationship. Unlike that idiot Justin Bobby from the Hills. what the hell was audrina thinking, sorry let me refrase that, what the hell IS she thinking! My Dog has more human feelings then he does, and I dont even have a Dog.
I work with a guy who's seeing a psychiatist for 'stress' problems, I make enough money to get by on the weekends, my only days off, I'm slowly blowing into a ballon although everyone around me pretends not to see it, I'm extremely lazy at work, I sleep the second I get home from work. Well I could keep going but I could get boring so here.

Never give in to average.

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